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INFRASTRUCTURE: Don Valley “art fence” to increase access to trails

A new fence has been commissioned to go between the Don Valley Trail and the railway tracks in the lower Don Valley.  At the bottom of this post is a photo of Raff’s mirror artwork underneath the Gardiner.

A fence, typically, is a barrier. To Toronto architect and artist Paul Raff, his “art fence” deep in the Don Valley is about access.

Raff has been commissioned by the City of Toronto to replace a sagging 1.6-kilometre stretch of rusted chain-link fencing in the lower Don Valley, a divider installed decades ago to steer pedestrians and cyclists away from train tracks.

Raff said beauty and function are key components of his “nascent” design plans (to be unveiled this summer) but the thrust is to give the public more entry points to the city’s lush, green heart.

“Toronto is a big, giant place with a lot of diversity and a lot of density and the Don Valley reflects that,” said the 46-year-old Raff, whose previous public artwork mirrors the action at Underpass Park.

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