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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike lane zealots a creeping menace

Well, I’m rather proud of this one.  Mike Strobel, one of the angry middle aged men who yell at everything (because the Sun pays them to), frequents Biking Toronto.  Or has. At least once.

Bikingtoronto.com, another bicycult site, rails: “Haven’t we paid enough time and energy and money catering to car drivers in this city?”

Wh–?! Name a single, solitary thing done this century to make driving easier in Toronto. It’s been downhill since the squeaky wheels turned the Allen into an expressway to nowhere in the 1970s.

Bike lane zealots are a creeping menace.

Oh Mike.  Next time you’re in a traffic jam, look around you.  It’s not public transit or bikelanes or construction or anything else slowing you and your car down, it’s all those other drivers in cars.

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’m trying to get somewhere on my bike and the road is just clogged with big cars and SUVs with one person (maybe 2) in them.   They slow down our city.

Since you asked about one single, solitary thing done this century to make driving easier in Toronto, I’ll give you 9500 of them. That’s how many roads are in Toronto – almost all of them built so that you and your car can get around easier.

Mike Strobel’s “Column”: Bike lane zealots a creeping menace | Strobel | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto S.

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