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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike lane zealots a creeping menace

Well, I’m rather proud of this one.  Mike Strobel, one of the angry middle aged men who yell at everything (because the Sun pays them to), frequents Biking Toronto.  Or has. At least once.

Bikingtoronto.com, another bicycult site, rails: “Haven’t we paid enough time and energy and money catering to car drivers in this city?”

Wh–?! Name a single, solitary thing done this century to make driving easier in Toronto. It’s been downhill since the squeaky wheels turned the Allen into an expressway to nowhere in the 1970s.

Bike lane zealots are a creeping menace.

Oh Mike.  Next time you’re in a traffic jam, look around you.  It’s not public transit or bikelanes or construction or anything else slowing you and your car down, it’s all those other drivers in cars.

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’m trying to get somewhere on my bike and the road is just clogged with big cars and SUVs with one person (maybe 2) in them.   They slow down our city.

Since you asked about one single, solitary thing done this century to make driving easier in Toronto, I’ll give you 9500 of them. That’s how many roads are in Toronto – almost all of them built so that you and your car can get around easier.

Mike Strobel’s “Column”: Bike lane zealots a creeping menace | Strobel | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto S.

  • Forgot a graphic. ;)

  • JL

    Perfect. It seems people want to move quicker but refuse to entertain any form of alternative. Then they can sit there for all I care.

    Trolling cyclists is an annual event for Mike. It is surprising he would ever want any attention outside his degenerate supporters drawn to his terrible columns.

  • Yeah… trolling is the thing at the Sun. :)

  • LukeSiragusa

    LOL. A great fallacy embraced by gridlocked motorists: because cars keep preventing other cars from moving it must be the fault of those–wait for it–not in the cars!

    Message to Strobel et al: The War on the Car is over and the cars have won. Congratulations. Now you can see what comes of effectively eliminating or failing to develop alternatives to the automobile: when you need a car to get everywhere you largely end up going nowhere.

  • Cory Chandler

    Cars pay for the roads with gas tax and car insurance.Where is the cyclists contribution?That’s what I thought,zero contributions.Pay up or shut up!!! By the way,I own a bike and I understand that I am a second class rider when I am on the pavement.Stop your whining!!!

  • LukeSiragusa

    Here we go again addressing the old fallacy that cyclists get a free ride…

    Local roads, you know the ones that cyclists ride on (as opposed to restricted access highways,) are underwritten by municipal property taxes and we ALL pay those, irrespective of automobile ownership.

    Regarding your insurance fees: when was the last time your insurer paid for your roads. That’s right Cory-IT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

    So rage against the cost of car owernship–yeah, it is expensive isn’t it?–but you’re deluding yourself if you think your high costs are subsidizing cyclists.

  • Yeah, Cory… you obviously don’t understand how roads are paid for in Toronto. It’s not from gas tax or car insurance (gas tax goes to provinces and the feds, car insurance goes to insurance companies, duh). Roads in Toronto (except the 401 and DVP) are built and maintained using money collected by the City of Toronto via property taxes.

    So, if you don’t live in Toronto, YOU are getting a free ride on our roads. Why don’t YOU pay up?

  • Well put Luke. It’s funny that he thinks that car insurance companies pay for roads.

  • Cory Chandler

    I live in Toronto

  • Cory Chandler

    Take away cars and the money that cars help to maintain roads and the roads will simply rot away.Cyclists create zero dollars and that’s undeniable.I own a bike and I understand that cyclists do not contribute to the kitty as drivers do.

  • LukeSiragusa


    Reiterating misconceptions doesn’t constitute an argument. Perhaps, as well as an introductory course in economics, you’d benefit by some lessons in history. To wit, roads existed long before cars–and bicycles for that matter. And the revenue for their construction, upkeep and use was raised by the same methods in use today: taxes, bonds, levies, tolls, etc.

    Nothing new here; even the Romans found roads quite handy a couple of millennia ago. You’ll probably be disappointed to realize that among the first lobby groups (stateside) to agitate for better roads, beating motorists to the punch by a couple of decades, were cycling leagues (see League of American Bicyclists and the Good Roads Movement). But again, that’s ancient history….

    Who contributes and who doesn’t. Indeed. What you fail to comprehend is that the high cost of automobile ownership and operation doesn’t equate to a commensurate contribution to the greater good. The fact that you flush money down the toilet for the sake of your car doesn’t help me one bit. Frankly, I’d rather see you paying a lot less for your mobility and ditching your car–that’s what I think of your ‘contribution’ to my welfare.

    You know why you pay so much? It’s because mass motoring is a damn expensive proposition: fuel costs are through the roof; automobility requires extensive, costly and inefficient infrastructure–on street and dedicated facilities like parking towers and lots–the Gardiner Expressway rehab ALONE represents a ~$700 million subsidy from Toronto ratepayers to (mostly suburban) drivers; costly rights of ways and exorbitant amounts of land that could otherwise generate tax revenue–cloverleafs anyone?; sky high liability and insurance costs because of the damage the activity inflicts on life, limb and property; externalities such as smog, degradation of the urban habitat, etc. It’s simply a case of too much of good thing.

    So you’ve blundered into quicksand when you claim the righteous high ground, implying that you’re due greater prerogatives by virtue of greater expense: Motoring costs dearly so bicycling should too because, well….it’s just not expensive enough. Duh.

    I’ll leave you with this thought: the more difficult it is to employ alternatives the more drivers will wind up behind the wheel, sucking up your precious liter of prehistoric sunshine, taking your parking spot, inserting themselves in front of you, colliding with others, etc.

    In other words more of the same. After decades of this go around I’m becoming convinced we’re collectively too stupid to understand this simple fact and we deserve the mess we’ve made–and continue to make–for ourselves.

    Think about that Cory next time you’re in traffic and the only cyclists you see–if there are any at all–are moving through the gridlock.

  • Cory Chandler

    It’s not a misconception,it’s fact that cyclists have nothing to contribute to financing anything.Furthermore,many cyclists break the rules on the road that drivers would be ridiculed for.Weaving in and out of traffic and have the nerve to stick their middle fingers at drivers.Staying in the middle of a lane like a car.Cyclists are a menace on main roads and you got the nerve to tell me you pull your own weight financially.Get the fuck out of hear with that bullshit argument.Cars rule the road,that’s it.That will never change.Let’s say that you live in Toronto and your family reunion is in Belleville,have fun cycling there.Bring your oxygen tank,you’ll need it!

  • LukeSiragusa

    There you have it folks: no logic, no solutions, and no sense. And people wonder how things got so bad.

  • Drivers don’t pay for roads in Toronto. Property taxes do. Thus, I have the same right to use the roads as you do.

  • Cory Chandler

    That is not true at all,stop listening Olivia Chow.That moron thinks this city is financially run by bike.Gas tax is the number one financially aid to roads.Do some research,this is your website and you are misinforming anyone who is reading this.

  • Now you’re just being stubborn. All road costs except the DVP and 401 were downloaded to the City from the Province under Mike Harris 20 years ago. Why do you think the City has to pay for fixing the Gardiner? Your gas taxes (and mine, since I drive occasionally) go to the 401 and DVP here in the city, but that’s it. Both our property taxes go to every other road.

  • cw

    I agree totally. roadways are built for cars not bikes. bikes should have licences to travel on roadways or at least insurance or be used during off peak hours.. These slow moving roads are already congested with vehicles we do not need slower traffic caused by psycholist slowing us down any further. I watched as traffic piled up as one idiot cyclist tried making a left turn from a busy lane into on coming traffic which almost caused a vehicle accident. Three lights later traffic started to flow again.

  • Cory Chandler

    I’m not being stubborn,I’m being factual.It’s really that simple!

  • Cory Chandler

    Finally another smart person on this lame site.Maybe I’ll stick around!!!

  • Go for it guys. It’s good to be reminded of the viewpoints of the less enlightened.

    Why do you think licenses would make the bad cyclists better? They don’t make bad drivers better.

  • Cory Chandler

    I’m going for a bike ride now,not downtown but in Taylor Creek Park.I’m not one of those idiot cyclists who act a fool on main roads.Where bikes don’t belong.

  • cw123

    The city’s roadways were built and designed around the automobile”motorized vehicles” not bicycles.Poor city planning should not interfere with the motor vehicle. There are many areas of the city were bicycle pathways can be built. For example beside all highways there’s vast land in which part have already be excavated to flat land. Cyclist need to stay off the main arteries and lobby for better bike paths that do not impede on the roadways designed for cars.

  • Cory Chandler

    It’s nice to see someone else with asensible

  • LukeSiragusa

    Go ahead licence cyclists–by the way I’ve had an M and a G licence for 30 years, I suppose I another letter on the license will always impress the more dimwitted among us. Go ahead and license their vehicles too.

    But why stop there? License skateboards, baby strollers, rollerblades, and your kiddy’s tricycle–any and all human powered wheels–that’s right, bureaucracy building a better world for us all. Yup, that’s really worked so far.

    By the way as I type this two motorists are dead in Caledon from a head on collision between a pickup and a van. It appears all drivers and their vehicles were duly licenced so rest assured those concerned were competent and their vehicles conformed to standards. A stretch of Hurontario Street was/is closed for several hours but I suppose this instance of gridlock is acceptable since those responsible have been duly accredited by officialdom.

    But feel free to blame any cyclist making a left turn if it pleases you.

  • Thanks for your opinions Cory.

  • Yes, it’s fun to have Sun commenters here. Really classes up the joint.

  • Your opinion is just as important as mine, no matter how wrong it is.

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