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EVENT: Sun, June 22 – Get Ur’Bent with Urbane

Date:  Sunday, June 22, 2014 – 13:0016:00

Urbane Cyclist is hosting a recumbent open day!

Ever fancied trying something new?

We at Urbane are opening our doors for customers to try our wide range of recumbent bicycles and tricycles. All are welcome regardless of experience!

Urbane Cyclist have been proudly supporting Canada’s recumbent and trike communities since opening our doors in 1997. Offering cycling mobility to people for whom regular cycles might not quite fit the bill.

We’re proud of our range of recumbents and trikes from companies such as Bachetta, HP Velotechnik, HASE, Catrike and more. It’s a completely different cycling experience.

Demonstration cycles available for trial are:

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 20
With the Scorpion fs the roughest journey becomes an exhilarating ride.

Pot holes, cobblestones, gravel roads: the condition of your way ahead can be shocking indeed. From now on you are going to look forward to ride those little sweet challenges. Once you want to leave the beaten track, you are in need of a quick responding suspension, perfect roadholding, precise steering and an optimum of steadiness. Now, the Scorpion fs is your perfect choice.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26
Even your first look at the Scorpion fs 26 will get your pulse racing. The powerful 26-inch rear wheel and striking chassis suspension make it unmistakably clear: This speed trike is hungry for asphalt and adrenalin! But the succinct design features also provide impressively stable road holding and make it extremely easy to traverse obstacles.

HP Velotechnik Gekko
Gekko – Your easy entry into recumbent triking. Leave your daily grind for a fast fun ride!

Time for more enjoyment in life. With the agile Gekko touring trike, more than just your posture changes while cycling. From now on, treat yourself to luxurious comfort in the recumbent seat and enjoy all the riding fun on three wheels.

HP Velotechnik Streetmachine GTE
The Streetmachine Gte has been designed to to create what is probably the best long distance touring bike you can buy. The ride is exhilarating – fast and controllable – yet you can carry enough gear for a world tour with minimum compromise to handling.

ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Sprint 26
The ICE Sprint folding trike is the ultimate fusion of sporting performance and long-distance comfort. Whether you’re carving bends, pushing your speed or on a tour, you’ll be ready for the challenge. With a mid-height seating position and ICE’s renowned handling the Sprint is a trike which has to be explored.

Hase Kettweisel Handtrike
Real mobility instead of makeshifts: The robust design and technology, ergonomic hand drive, and hub gears will get you almost anywhere. The joy of independent movement is a strong motor – and it increases with the riding fun that this KETTWIESEL brings.

Urbane Cyclist

180 John St.
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Urbane Cyclist Co-Op

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Alex Tritton



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