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NEWS: Public Works approves pilot separated bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide


If you like the political gobbledygood of City Council documents, you’ll love this one… which is the approval by the Public Works Committee of  a pilot installation of separated bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide this summer!  The decision goes to City Council in June.

City Council approve the installation of a westbound cycle track on the north side of Richmond Street West, from York Street to Bathurst Street, and an eastbound cycle track on the south side of Adelaide Street West, from Bathurst Street to Simcoe Street, as a pilot project until the completion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study, as outlined in Appendix 10 – Amendments to Bicycle Lane and Cycle Track Designations, attached to the report (April 22, 2014) from the General Manager, Transportation Services.

Read More: Agenda Item History – 2014.PW31.7.