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INFRASTRUCTURE: How are the new Wellesley St. bike lanes working out?


In a word, the new Wellesley “separated” bikelanes are “crappy”.   You can see the problem in the photo above… the bollards are too far apart.  They also weren’t installed on part of the curve on Wellesley between Jarvis and Sherbourne…. the absolute worst part of Wellesley for cars going into the bikelanes.

I thought this was because the bollards were incomplete, but statements by city staff make me think they think it’s done.  Bollards are also not installed near intersections, because I assume someone is worried about offending car drivers.   Drivers are also using the bikelanes for passing and right turns.  It’s infuriating.

Haven’t we paid enough time and energy and money catering to car drivers in this city?  Can’t we install a separated bikelane properly?   There are international bikelane standards out there.  Does Toronto use them?

There are two types of separated bike lane in Toronto: the ones on Sherbourne Street that discourage intrusion by drivers (but also allow access for emergency vehicles) with a gently raised curb and the newly upgraded lanes on Wellesley Street, which are marked by a strip of white collapsable bollards.

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