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INFRASTRUCTURE: A few bad cyclists shouldn’t stop us from building bike lanes

Public discussions in Toronto about building bike lanes inevitably get bogged down in debates about the behaviour of some cyclists. The unstated contention is that it’s fair to reject new bike lanes until all cyclists respect the rules of the road. But while it’s a serious matter when a cyclist imperils the safety of another road user, especially a pedestrian, linking the subject of new bike lanes to that of cycling behaviour stands in the way of progress on either issue.

via A few bad cyclists shouldn’t stop us from building bike lanes | Toronto Star.

  • Patrick

    Few! What a silly title, there are more than a few, it should be other way around “a few good cyclists” when I drive from High Park to Downtown Toronto I pass around 20 of them all I say all cross intersections on the RED light nearly hit pedestrians they do not care and have no respect to the other people and a cars!

  • I doubt that’s accurate Patrick. There’s a ton of bad drivers out there. Would YOU like to be judged on the actions of other drivers? The drunks? The high? The crazy?

  • Patrick

    To bikingtoronto, I drove to work today, it took me 40min and I count 19 cyclists: ran over Red Lights, and over STOP signs and also cycling between the cars danegerously etc…. I don’t understand how limited in common sense those bikers are ! Comparing to cars I could only do comparisation this way 95% cyclists are intolerant/without respect to the law and pedestrians. And forget about cars as just walking in Toronto downtown is dangerous, cyclist does not care about traffic lights. I was nearly hit twice last weekend by a cyclist. So there will be about 60% of good drivers and 40% of bad drivers where 95% bad cyclist and 5% good cyclist. Next time I will post my video on the “you tube” and you will be able to count carless cycling versus drivers. I think cyclist don’t realize that when they ran over Red light there is a $95 of fine by LAW. When cyclist stop on RED light, sometimes I stop and say “you’re a good cyclist one of few in Toronto” ;). Cyclist should also pay for Insurance and for Road maintenance as at the moment Drivers pay for that and you’re only a guests on the road. Trust me someone soon will see the money in insuring a cyclist and this crayzines will STOP :) At the moment if you hit my car and you’re injured, my insurance will cover you “why it’s unfair practice” therefore like it happen in EU countries you guys will have to pay for your insurance when using a public roads. At the moment I have a videos of bad cycling and only few of good ones. But I never forget about the good guys and will post good behaviour as an example for the rest. You love your bike but you’re not the only one and don’t forget if you hit a pedestrian and you injure him then you’re responsible for that! And there is a matter of time when something bad happen… then everyone will start to think. What’s the point to cycle irrational between the cars just to get this 5 minutes ?? hmm …. I also have a bike and to be honest I’m scared to use it in downtown, not because of cars but because I just try to avoid such an crazy other cyclists. And definately there are good cyclists too! And I can also tell you that driving a car in Downtown these days is a challenge as we have to watch for: Pedestrians, Cyclists, Cars, Street Cars, Trucks etc…