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EVENTS: Ward 18 – Bike Month Activities!

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Via CycleToronto:

Hi everyone, Happy Bike Month! Here are the links for our four Ward 18 Bike Month activities — feel free to share them with your networks:

June 6 – Community Garden Ride (with Ward 14)

June 11 – Polka Pub Ride (with Ward 14)- see e-poster attached

  • http://bikemonth.ca/events/303?location=all-locations
  • [FB page coming soon]                                                                               –                                                                                                                                 

June 14 – Custard Tart Ride (with Ward 17)

June 20-22 – Ladies Army 6 (with Toronto Bike Polo)

Ward 18 meet-up-at-the-tournament page: https://www.facebook.com/events/list?ref=46#!/events/598077353632860/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

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