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NEWS: Doctors prescribing bike-share memberships to combat obesity

I shared this back on March 29th, but this deserves way more attention.  Awesome news coming out of Boston – using bikes to combat obesity.  Let’s get BikeShare Toronto and Toronto Public Health working together on something similar?

Doctors in Boston will soon have a new tool in their arsenal when it comes to improving the health of obese patients: the humble, yet powerful bicycle.

In an effort to get sedentary Bostonians moving more, as well as provide affordable transportation for low-income residents, The City of Boston and the Boston Medical Center (BMC) have partnered together in creation of program they’re calling “Prescribe-a-Bike.” 

The program, launched today, allows all BMC medical professionals to write prescriptions for memberships to a local bike-sharing program called Hubway, which currently boasts 1,100 bikes at 130 locations around the city. 

via Doctors prescribing bike-share memberships to combat obesity – Your Community.