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INFRASTRUCTURE: Planning bikelanes with little thought about safe biking routes?

The fine folks in the Cycle Toronto Ward18 Group have written an open letter to Dan Egan, Manager of Cycling Infrastructure at the City.  New contra-flow bikelanes are planned in the west end, but have seemingly been planned with little thought about the safety of the overall route… specifically crossing Dufferin:

Mr. Daniel Egan, Manager

Cycling Infrastructure & Programs, City of Toronto

Dear Dan,

We are writing on behalf of Cycle Toronto Wards 14, 18 and 19 groups, as well as the Toronto Bicycling Network, to express our concerns about the proposed designs for the Argyle-Florence and Dewson-Lindsey contra-flow routes.

Specifically, we have serious concerns about the proposal to install these bike routes without providing for safe bike crossings at Dufferin Street in either case. While we understand that there is pressure to “get the lanes painted” as soon as possible, we believe that it is irresponsible to proceed with installation without addressing the route deficiencies at Dufferin.

Full Letter: Ward 18 Cycle Toronto – An Open Letter to Dan Egan