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Cycle Toronto AGM is on March 26th. Meet the Board Candidates.


I’ve been a member of Cycle Toronto for a few years, but have never been to an AGM due to either forgetting or scheduling conflicts.  Maybe this year is the year I pop my AGM cherry?

The list of board candidates for their upcoming AGM on March 26 at Round has been released (PDF).  Check it out… these people all seem wonderful.

In order to vote, you need to be a member of Cycle Toronto, so you can join or renew your membership at http://www.cycleto.ca/join.

  • hamish wilson

    I’m reasonably sure all these folks care about safe cycling. I’d like to
    know why they are being supportive of the group that is most
    responsible for proposed changes to Harbord St. that will make it unsafe
    – bi-directional lanes may not have been what the cycling advocates
    envisioned for changing around the one working/good/safe bike lane in
    the west end, but that’s what’s being offered. The main problem is that
    there are too many intersections for conflicts which will inevitably
    occur as a motorist turns across the lanes. So intersections will become
    more dangerous; this danger was why 17-odd years ago a plan for redoing
    Bloor in the Annex was deflected by staff, and now it’s the fix for
    Harbord?? These dangers have been pointed out a few times to everyone
    but it still rumbles along.

    So rather than finding out about
    candidates, I’d like to know who the solicitor is for Cycle Toronto to
    advise them of liability, since there seems to be an inability or
    unwillingness to read current better practices of Denmark and Quebec
    that also don’t support bi-directional in the Harbord situation.

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