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OpenStreetsTO tentatively scheduled for 4 Sundays this summer!


Can’t wait!  I know lots of people already planning activities!

The tentatively proposed route for Open Streets TO will connect neighbourhoods along Bloor Street from High Park to Greenwood Ave as well as Yonge St (south of Bloor) by opening these streets to people.  Additional connections can be made via Toronto’s trails, parks, and bicycle routes.  

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  • hamish wilson

    It’s perhaps hard to believe, given the years of pushing better biking for B/Danforth, but I’m less smitten with the opening of these roads for both some political and technical reasons. The technical/practical: there are real pinch points (west-end Bloor and the Viaduct) where other options aren’t readily available. The political is that other roads need to have the cars cleared off of them more – B/D already has a subway vs. King or Queen. And thus the real politics – maybe not poking the votorists in the eyes so much in an election year – why give unnecessary fuel for the war on the car rhetoric, though Mr. Penalosa can match it, just he tends to do so everywhere else but at City Wall.