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EVENT: Contraflow bikelane public meetings on Mar. 4 and 6

via the CycleToronto facebook page

Contraflow bike lanes give bikes their own lane to go against the flow of traffic on a one-way street. So on a westbound one-way street, both bikes and cars can go west using the regular lane, but bikes can also go east using the contraflow bike lane. Adding contraflow bike lanes helps create a more complete bike network off main roads, to make cycling a more accessible option for more people.

Come out to support the following contraflow bike lanes!

For Lindsey Ave and Havelock St:
Tuesday, March 4th, 6pm to 8pm
New Horizons Tower – Auditorium
1140 Bloor St W

For Phoebe St and Stephanie St:
Thursday, March 6th, 4pm to 9pm
Alexandra Park Community Centre 
105 Grange Crt (follow Grange Ave west of Spadina Ave)

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Wed, Feb 24: Come to the Toronto Bike Awards!

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