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Pay Attention Toronto: Europe’s Most Congested City Going Car-Free

Something similar should be done in Toronto on Yonge St. south of Bloor, and perhaps King and Queen between Bathurst and Jarvis. Keep the middle lanes open for streetcars only (or buses on Yonge), and let’s open these streets up for business. Cars are choking us economically.

If the city’s new mayor gets his way, Central Brussels will soon be essentially car-free. Socialist Party mayor Yvan Mayeur, sworn in last month as mayor of the Brussels City district, wants to turn the Belgian capital’s central axis into a pedestrian zone.

The move would transform a handsome but car-snarled four-lane boulevard and a string of squares into a long, café-filled promenade.  This new zone will join up with an existing pedestrian zone in the narrow streets around the city’s Grand Place and Rue Neuve, turning Brussels’ core into a spacious, rambling open-air living room.

Full Story: Europe’s Most Congested City Contemplates Going Car-Free – Feargus O’Sullivan – The Atlantic Cities.

  • octavio

    This idea intrigues me, but the first thing I wondered is how will deliveries or moving (apartments) work? Are there alleys/lanes?

  • Usually it’s via alleyways, or if they aren’t available, deliveries are limited to late at night or early morning. So that it can be people friendly during the day.