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E-Bikes not allowed in bike lanes … for now.

Good news… the decision about whether to allow electric scooters (some people call them e-bikes) into Toronto’s bikelanes has been deferred:

E-bikes won’t be granted access to Toronto bike lanes just yet, after a recommendation before the City’s public works committee was deferred this afternoon. The report in question makes a distinction between two type of electric bike — smaller pedal-equipped versions vs. larger scooter-like models — and recommends that the former be allowed everywhere that traditional bikes are allowed, including city bike paths and lanes. The latter would be banned from off-road and separated bike lanes/paths, but permitted to operate in lanes painted on-street.

Full Story: E-bikes not allowed in Toronto bike lanes just yet.

  • Jack

    Whether they are allowed or not, who’s going to police this? Nobody gives a shit about cars parking in bike lanes or if they are cleared of snow.
    Me, I’d be fine riding along with e-bikes.

  • dvideographer

    Bikes have peddles scooters do not.

  • dvideographer