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Toronto Take Note: 10 best protected bikelanes of 2013


If you’re already excited about the Sherbourne bikelanes, and are looking forward to Harbord and Richmond and Adelaide and possibly Eglinton getting some separated bikelanes and you wish they’d install some already up on Bloor East, you’ll want to check out this Best Of list from Peopleforbikes.  They list their favourite American protected bikelanes of 2013.  Yes, America may have the Tea Party, but some cities are decades ahead of Toronto in providing safe infrastructure for cyclists.

As the thermoplastic dries on this year’s round of terrific protected bike lane projects, we decided to scour the country for a comprehensive (and subjective) ranking of the best of the best. We talked to experts and advocates around the country, looked at technical photos and schemes and read the news reports to understand not just how these bike lanes were designed, but why. Though the word “complete” can be hard to define for something as malleable as a city street, every project on this page has been in some clear sense finished during this year.

Full list: America’s 10 best protected bike lanes of 2013 | PeopleForBikes.

  • hamish

    Uh, skunk here – one has to be careful what one wishes/pushes for eg. what is proposed for Harbord (bi-directional) is arguably a costly mistake that will be less safe. 16 years ago, a b/d lane for Bloor was deflected by staff on safety grounds from too many intersections in the proposed lanes – have the blocks changed? And there’s lots of back-up from other areas about this safety issue, so look very carefully at overall context before full embracing as “The Fix”. Let’s get some NEW bike lanes first, like Richmond/Adelaide, and ensure that we finally have a safe straight route to connect to Simcoe St. first, and there’s tons of other areas of the City that are more dangerous than Harbord.