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Are the Sherbourne separated bike lanes working?

Great piece in the Grid about the Sherbourne separated bikelanes.  I’ve heard that there will soon be more bollards separating car traffic.

Eric Krumins, a technical writer for an east-end software company, is in a somewhat unique position to comment on the issue. A vehicle owner, he has experienced Sherbourne over the dashboard of his car, but also over a pair of handlebars during his daily commute as a 10 km-per-day cyclist.

“The benefits of the separated lanes [for cyclists] are that you are generally buffered from high-speed traffic,” he says. But there’s a caveat. “This only applies on straight sections and not near intersections.” To Krumins, there are more drawbacks than benefits to the infrastructure of separated bike lanes—specifically referred to as “cycle tracks,” as per their design. “To pedestrians,” he says, “it feels like the sidewalk has been extended. The bike lane also passes through bus stops where people stand to wait for a bus. Whenever I’m biking on Sherbourne, I have to be more alert to the threat of pedestrians walking into the bike lane.”

Full Article: Are the Sherbourne bike lanes working? | The Grid TO.

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