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Ride Your Bike: TTC hikes fares, again

You should consider winter biking – it’s fun, pretty easy, and warm if you dress properly for it.  Don’t give the TTC more of your money for the “service” they provide.  Check the “Weather” section of our How-To Page to learn more!

It will cost Metropass users $60 a year, or $5 a month, more to ride the TTC next year.

The Toronto Transit Commission has approved a base five-cent increase to the cost of a token, bringing it to $2.70. In addition the cost of an adult Metropass is being boosted by one trip — from 48.5 tokens to 49.5.

The Metropass increase to $133.75 a month — with commensurate adjustments to the student and senior passes — was chosen over the option of increasing the $3 cash fare by 25 cents. Instead, the cash fare will rise by only a nickel, to $3.05.

Full Story: TTC hikes token cost by nickel; Metropass goes to $133.75 a month | Metro.

  • iGravity™

    With all the hicks and troubles in running the system, they have never been able to fix anything since the first price hike, why still hike the price though?

    But then again, the TTC is a monopoly—one well protected along with Canada’s monopolist industry: Rogers also. So suck it up, fellow Torontonians, and be rest assured we shall be screwed like this again in the near future.

  • Unfortunate but true… without adequate funding from provincial and federal levels of government, this shall be an annual thing.