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Lack of Bike Parking on Yonge means bikes hurting newly planted trees

Here’s an idea – provide more bike parking – then people wouldn’t be forced to lock to trees.  Yes, there are bike posts on Yonge south of College, but they are often filled up.

The damage wasn’t as bad as the reader said, but a lot of bark on the trunks of some trees had been rubbed away, making them more susceptible to the ravages of weather and road salt, which often kills sidewalk trees.

There’s a big bicycle rack just up the street and other locking posts nearby, but many cyclists prefer to lock their bikes to the trees and conveniently overlook the damage it does.

Full article: Bikes rub newly planted trees the wrong way on Yonge St.: The Fixer | Toronto Star.

  • dr_kiwano

    Never mind that locking to a tree is as bad an idea as locking to anything else made of wood (I’ve had friends lock their bikes to their porch railings at home, only to come back and find out that a thief had sawed through the railing to steal the bike).