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City Council votes to save Bixi Toronto!

Great bike news came out of the Rob Ford debacle at City Hall yesterday…. not only has Council agreed to sustain Bixi Toronto (possibly running it via the Toronto Parking Authority), but making changes to development bylaws that allow Section 37 funds (the money that condo developers pay the city to exceed height restrictions) to be used to financially support Bixi, with the goal of expanding it.

City councillors voted Thursday to sustain the city’s troubled Bixi bike program, possibly linking it with the Toronto Parking Authority.

Council adopted a confidential report that will continue negotiations with PBSC Urban Solutions, the Montreal-based company that started Bixi — with the goal of keeping it operational.

“Whether it makes money or not, whether it breaks even or not, it’s a valuable asset,” said Councillor John Parker, after the meeting.

…the majority of city councillors consider Bixi an essential component of city infrastructure and want it to succeed.

“The success of Bixi is in the popularity of the program,” said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong. “Not necessarily in the contract that we negotiated.”

Full Story: Toronto council votes to save troubled Bixi bike-share program | National Post.

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  • Jim

    Look at the long row of unused bikes, did Bixi actually believe it would make money without heavy subsidies?

  • Hey Jim,

    It’s not reported much, but yes. The original proposal was for an area from High Park to Broadview and with 3000 bikes. City Council at the time of launch chopped it down to just the downtown core and 1000 bikes, which has hurt the system… because for a lot of people, while travelling WITHIN the core is easy… it was hard to travel anywhere OUTSIDE of the core, so Bixi wasn’t being used as much as it could be.