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Toronto to consider sharrows on tiny section of Bay Street

This is a horrible horrible article entitled “Toronto City Council to consider bike lanes on Bay St“.

1) it’s only 50 metres of Bay Street, near Bloor, and 2) it’s only sharrows.  Sharrows are NOT bikelanes.  They pretty little things with good intentions, but don’t work at all. Drivers still try to force cyclists out of lanes with sharrows.

I don’t know how this is even a debate at Council. The righties don’t want them, and I’m disappointed in the bike-positive councillors for advocating for sharrows, of all things.

The ongoing — and highly polarized — struggle to carve out the appropriate place for cyclists on Toronto’s streets continues at city hall next week, when councillors will consider extending bike lanes on Bay St., as well as recommendations from the health board to increase cyclist safety.

After much discussion with cyclists, local residents and business owners, city staff are recommending “sharrow” markings to designate shared lanes on Bay in the Yorkville area, between Cumberland St. and about 30 metres south of Bloor St. W.

Full Story: Toronto city hall to consider bike lanes on Bay St. | Metro.

  • hamish wilson

    There’s real hypocrisy a bit further upstream with how the Bay/Davenport new intersection increases the danger level for all southbound cyclists by a new curve that represents a pinch point that could be deadly. There were two ways to avoid it: remove a new median of a meter installed at the north side of all the Davenport traffic (and why this “safety” feature? what is the design speed?), and then shrink all lanes including the flow-through bit of bike lane to allow for a continuous bike lane going around the new bump-out “corner”. The other way was to follow Euro practices and put in a slip-through only for cyclists to keep the gentle curve south of the former bike lane, but that was surely going to be far too sophisticated for the City to clear in wintertime; we tend to put the snow into the bike lanes, and plow only suburban sidewalks.
    So given that endangerment despite clear fussing and an option, we’re put at risk, so I agreed at PWIC with the residents that the sharrows etc. were OK – though they are pathetic…