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Should the Scarborough RT become an elevated park?

Elevated separated bikelanes! Elevated separated bikelanes!

City council adopted a motion during last night’s transit debate that asks city staff and the TTC to investigate replacing the tracks and electric rails with benches, walking paths, bike trails, and trees from Scarborough Centre to Kennedy station.

Building the park may actually be cheaper than simply pulling down and erasing the old line, which could make the idea more appealing to city councillors.

Full story: Should the Scarborough RT become an elevated park?.

  • Tony

    It’s probably cheaper initially, but the elevated park still need to be maintained right? Also, how can cyclists get their bike onto the elevated path? Our city will be so broke by the time we finished the subway. It may take another 20 years for us to do something about it.

  • Dani

    Taking inspiration from both the New York High Line and the Promenade Platee in Paris, making the RT line into an elevated park would certainly be an effective way to incorporate both greenery and public space back into the city.