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Rosie DiManno advocates for all cyclists to be shot

dimannoCongratulations to Rosie DiManno, the troll who the Toronto Star still employs for unfathomable reasons, for passing Rob Ford on the list of peoople who are misguided about cycling in Toronto.

I didn’t think it was possible.  Shame on the Toronto Star for employing someone advocating murder.

…At least drivers don’t have the virtue that’s been invested on cyclists, arguably the most sanctimonious breed on the planet: I cycle therefore I am divine.

They have risen to No. 1 on my list of People Who Should Be Shot.

In its natural habitat — which I contend should not be any North American metropolis never designed for bicycle-right-of-way — the ped-aphile is a flat-bottomed creature with a stupid aerodynamic helmet (as if about to contest a pursuit race in the velodrome) and stupider Lycra shorts. Its distinctive mating call goes like this: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY A–HOLE! It pays no mind to red lights and crosswalks, especially when in the employ of a courier service. It makes rolling stops at intersections. And it is hysterically confrontational with motorists. Pedestrians, by comparison, seem hardly to register. We’re not invisible, merely irrelevant, because we can’t hurt them like, say, a car door opening.

Full article: Foot soldier declares war on sanctimonious cyclists

  • SkylorJane

    I bike and I DONT wear spandex. I stop at red lights. I am not confrontational with drivers of motor vehicles. The only bike accident I’ve ever had was the result of a pedestrian on his phone coming to a full stop in the middle of a bike lane when I had a green light. As I swerved to avoid hitting him, I struck a bollard, flew into the car lane and broke ribs as a result of the impact. Peds CAN hurt cyclists. ugh.

  • ionstorm

    It’s pointless. These are words from someone who claims to know what we think, but has clearly never used a bicycle for transportation. By contrast, all cyclists sometimes walk for transportation.

  • disqus_riVeP1wtDD

    The STAR’s Public Editor Kathy English is set to weigh in on this idiocy in Saturday paper.

  • hamish

    It was mere opinion to the point of the “shooting” urging; then it’s far more of carist, carrupt, hatemongering not recognizing the everyday violence that we all face, including peds from some cyclists.
    Today’s coverage was much different; and how to get the Sat. Star without paying for its quarter-pound of car ads?

  • R. Smiley

    Its knowing there are so many people like that in cars that makes me scared to bike in this country. Heads they win, tails I lose.

  • Meg Orlinski

    Anger is a secondary emotion. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evil-deeds/200901/the-primacy-anger-problems She is lacking critical thinking because she claims that all people who use one form of transportation are the same. Some cyclists are bad cyclists and break the law, sure. Some may even have flat butts. By that argument style, we could then say because some car drivers are child abductors, all motorists are therefore child abductors. It’s just a basic error in informal logic. She’s a sports writer guys. No formal schooling. Worked the same job in this city since 1975, and is probably totally out of touch with reality. I feel sorry for anyone so angry, she must be very sad and scared herself to be so weak.

  • Don Grandy

    Imagine learning about Toronto for the first time and this is what you read….so far back in the woods you have to come out to do the hunting…pitiful!

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