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Bloor bike lane debate hits the street

Why is this even a “debate”? If some politicians don’t grow some backbone and do things that will make this city more livable, traffic will grind to a halt and we’ll be the next Detroit. Too many cars = a city that doesn’t move.

Bikelanes give people a SAFE option that isn’t a car. The short-sightedness of politicians and Torontonians in general is astonishing.

Watching Annex resident Bertha Luk lock her bike to a post on Bloor St. W. at Bay, you’d expect her to favour a new bike lane on Bloor St.

You’d be wrong.

Luk is a driver as well as a cyclist, and she’s not sure that carving out a bike route is the best thing for traffic on that stretch of Bloor — a section of roadway she avoids “at all costs” when driving.

Toronto’s works committee has asked for a study of a dedicated bike route from the Bloor Viaduct to Keele St.

Full Story: Bloor bike lane debate hits the street | Toronto Star.

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