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Bloor bike lane debate hits the street

Why is this even a “debate”? If some politicians don’t grow some backbone and do things that will make this city more livable, traffic will grind to a halt and we’ll be the next Detroit. Too many cars = a city that doesn’t move.

Bikelanes give people a SAFE option that isn’t a car. The short-sightedness of politicians and Torontonians in general is astonishing.

Watching Annex resident Bertha Luk lock her bike to a post on Bloor St. W. at Bay, you’d expect her to favour a new bike lane on Bloor St.

You’d be wrong.

Luk is a driver as well as a cyclist, and she’s not sure that carving out a bike route is the best thing for traffic on that stretch of Bloor — a section of roadway she avoids “at all costs” when driving.

Toronto’s works committee has asked for a study of a dedicated bike route from the Bloor Viaduct to Keele St.

Full Story: Bloor bike lane debate hits the street | Toronto Star.

  • hamish wilson

    Don’t merely castigate the city politicians; the province could be acting on their existing laws eg. Places to Grow Act which in 3.2.2 does I mean could apply to the City of Toronto and its transportation. Bloor and the Danforth are the most logical place in Southern Ontario for bike lanes going beyond the long, flat, direct and track-less route it is to include the Bloor/Danforth subway. It is on the crowded side in crush hours; and for shorter-hauls it’d be great to expand it for the price of paint by making parallel transport safe; it’s already cheaper.