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Bloor and Dupont Bikelanes on City Council Agenda

Council voted in July 2011 to halt an environmental assessment that was studying the possible impact of creating lanes on one of the city’s major streets. But city officials have now brought the issue back to the table, recommending that council allow a smaller Bloor assessment to be done at the same time as an assessment of proposed lanes on parallel Dupont St.

The recommendation comes four months after six Bloor-area councillors — Ana Bailao, Gord Perks, Adam Vaughan, Pam McConnell, Kristyn Wong-Tam, and Mike Layton — formally requested the resumption of the Bloor assessment.

Full Story: Bloor bike lanes back on council agenda | Metro.

  • Svend

    I don’t understand why bike lanes ever need environmental assessments. Are they ever seen as having a negative impact?
    Such a waste of time.
    Imagine if council meetings always had to start with a listening of Led Zeppelin’s first 3 albums – sure it’s a good thing to do but not really necessary in making a better city.

  • hamish

    Yes it’s quite Fordked up to have an EA for a line of paint, but meanwhile, a full repaving of most of Bloor St. W. west of Bathurst in a truly vital corridor just gets done with no worries about the EAA or the Places to Grow Act. It’s foul, maybe law-breaking carruption and our amanglemated motoropolis is NOT working for bikes, as if we need a further example.