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Bloor Street bikelane being talked about (again)

Encouraging, but why not the Danforth too? The Danforth is wider than Bloor in most places and easily has room for bike infrastructure, plus bike-friendly councillors in Fletcher, McMahon, Davis and Fragedakis.

Despite annual rides in support of more cycling infrastructure on the street, there has been no official movement on Bloor since the incomplete environmental assessment was binned in July 2011 with the Jarvis Street lanes.

Now, more than two years later, Jared Kolb from Cycle Toronto is “cautiously optimistic” council will vote to resume the EA, even if the cycling advocacy group would prefer an investigation that covers the Danforth as well.

“What we’re saying is ‘that’s not quite enough,'” he says. “We would much rather see the original terms of the EA brought back, which was for the entire corridor of Bloor-Danforth, and we are also pushing for a pilot project … we don’t need to wait around for a multi-year EA.”

Full story: Bloor Street bike lanes might get another chance.

  • hamish wilson

    As some might know, I like bike lanes – not always every cyclist. This like of bike lanes includes Danforth – it isn’t merely Bloor.
    I really really wish that the image chosen/used wasn’t of a bi-directional lane as a mere 16 years ago, that innovation was proposed right in this area by a local business owner, but it was deflected from safety concerns: too many conflict points from so many frequent intersections. The blocks haven’t changed, but we also have a push for the same type of b-directional on Harbord – sigh!
    I wish that it weren’t the case as I could see a bi-directional starting on north side of Bloor at Sherbourne and running east to Victoria Park, but the many short blocks between Broadview and Pape are real impediments, plus how to fit in the advance left up Broadview too.
    Bloor has been best for east-west biking since merely 1992; it also will help the subway by load-shedding.
    There’s often lots of parking atop the subway too; more than enough to absorb what might need to be displaced from on-street for bike safety.
    Bloor St. W. west of Ossington really really needs the bike lanes as Harbord ends at Ossington. Sadly the current paving plan does zilch for bikes.