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Toronto endangering cyclists with bollards

Okay, this is a little insane.  The city has bollards in the middle of cycling paths painted in dark colours and it takes a cyclist ramming into it in the dark for the city to go out and paint it yellow.

Bike lights are great for being visible, but unless you shell out a lot of money, they do not illuminate things well – so if the city is going to put large metal objects in the middle of a recreational trail, the absolute minimum should be that they be painted white or yellow and have some reflective paint and/or tape on them.  Ideally, a solar-powered light that comes on at night on the top would be fantastic, or a light in the area so the bollard can be seen?

The Rosehill Reservoir, near St. Clair Ave. and Yonge St., has a paved recreational trail that runs south from Avoca Ave. and is wide enough to be used by pedestrians and cyclists.A metre-high metal post sits in the middle of the path, along with a bollard, to keep vehicles from driving on it.There’s plenty of room on each side of the post for cyclists to safely pass, but it’s a deadly obstacle if a bike rider doesn’t see it.

Full story: In collisions with metal posts, cyclists always lose: The Fixer | Toronto Star.

  • Antisthenes

    Maybe nobody should be allowed to design or oversee these projects who does not ride often. It would also be nice if those who do not ride would forgo an opinion…

  • HotDang

    on the flip side… in limited visibility reduce your speed accordingly. Only ride so fast a that you can respond to what is visible. Going fast enough that you can’t respond to obstacles as they come into your field of vision is irresponsible.

  • B. Ross Ashley

    I’ve always had the impression the City (and the police) were inclined to be suspicious of anybody in the parks after dark, especially on bikes. Mind you I regularly rode Taylor’s Creek after midnight for years …

  • sharkbait

    On the flip side to that, maybe the city could get off their arses and put in some recreational path lighting that actually works.

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