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Toronto endangering cyclists with bollards

Okay, this is a little insane.  The city has bollards in the middle of cycling paths painted in dark colours and it takes a cyclist ramming into it in the dark for the city to go out and paint it yellow.

Bike lights are great for being visible, but unless you shell out a lot of money, they do not illuminate things well – so if the city is going to put large metal objects in the middle of a recreational trail, the absolute minimum should be that they be painted white or yellow and have some reflective paint and/or tape on them.  Ideally, a solar-powered light that comes on at night on the top would be fantastic, or a light in the area so the bollard can be seen?

The Rosehill Reservoir, near St. Clair Ave. and Yonge St., has a paved recreational trail that runs south from Avoca Ave. and is wide enough to be used by pedestrians and cyclists.A metre-high metal post sits in the middle of the path, along with a bollard, to keep vehicles from driving on it.There’s plenty of room on each side of the post for cyclists to safely pass, but it’s a deadly obstacle if a bike rider doesn’t see it.

Full story: In collisions with metal posts, cyclists always lose: The Fixer | Toronto Star.

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