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Anti-urban bakery against Harbord bikelanes


Cycle Toronto is organizing a “love-in” at the bakery on Sept. 21 to gently protest the store’s position. A Facebook group encourages bikers to show up wearing helmets as identification.

“We just want to tell the Harbord Bakery that their customers are cyclists, too,” said Kolb. “We love their pastries and their breads — but we want to tell them that while we love their food, we want to see separated bike lanes on Harbord.”

Full story: Famous bakery leads fight against Harbord bike lane plan

  • Antisthenes

    A bit ‘Uncle Tom’.

  • HotDang

    I don’t get the reference.

  • hamish wilson

    This is on the unfair side as currently, there are absolutely some cyclists that do shop there, and things can change. I am quite opposed to reworking the one best/only west end bike lane to a bi-directional through there since the many roads intersecting it will create more conflict points as per Danish, Velo-Quebec and even maybe Ontario standards.
    The money/staff/resource would be far better used elsewhere – like getting new bike lanes on Richmond/Adelaide or on Bloor.
    Harbord was made somewhat safer just over 3 years ago with approval of the ED at the time Yvonne Bambrick, but it ends at Ossington.

  • Antisthenes

    Try Google.