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TTC is no longer the Better Way

Hume doesn’t come out and say it, but we all know what he’s saying.  BIKES are the Better Way in Toronto.

In our sudden rush to expand the TTC, we’ve overlooked one small thing — the transit system we already have barely functions.

Subway delays are a daily occurrence now and one can grow old and grey waiting for the streetcar or bus to arrive. This doesn’t seem to bother Toronto Transit Commission chair Karen Stintz or its general manager Andy Byford; they don’t even make an effort to ensure that passengers are informed about why they’re standing twiddling their thumbs for yet another signaling problem, passenger emergency, disabled train or whatever.

They assume that we will stand there and wait, like cattle, obedient cattle. It’s a damn good thing Torontonians are such a patient lot; if they weren’t there would be blood on the tracks.

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