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Toronto Flood: No Problems for Cyclists


Great article by The Urban Country on how cyclists didn’t really have any problems on Monday:

When the dinner was over I went back to the coffee shop to grab my bike and pedaled to back to my neighbourhood in the rain to meet a friend who was in town just for one night.

I passed by dozens of people who were waiting for transit, hours after the storm. My friend and I had two drinks and then headed home.

No floods, no swimming, no becoming stranded, no 4 hour commutes. Just an ordinary night in the life of someone who gets around using the most sensible, reliable mode of transportation: the trusty bicycle.

Full article: Toronto Flood: Just Another Ordinary Day On A Bicycle ← The Urban Country.

  • ReadandFeed

    Tell that to the bike commuters I saw riding through the flood waters on Lake Shore until they could get to the Martin Goodman Trail :)