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Pan Am Path Plan Unanimously Approved by Executive Committee

Great news… it looks like the Pan-Am Path is going ahead… linking various trails across the city together.

As an east ender, I also really like the news that the Prince Edward Viaduct’s “Luminous Veil” light installation will FINALLY be installed as part of this.

The Pan Am Path is a proposal to connect existing trails in Toronto as part of an active-living legacy for the TORONTO 2015 Games. If it is passed by Council on July 16th, the project will accelerate the creation of a continuous trail across Toronto for walking, running and biking. The Path aims to link neighbourhoods across the city and engage diverse communities through opportunities for art, enriched public spaces, tourism and local economic development. At twelve sites along the Path, local arts organizations will work with Pan American artists to shine a light on the best in their communities.

In addition to approval of the Path, Executive Committee also set into motion the completion of the long awaited Luminous Veil on Prince Edward Viaduct — a large art installation that crosses above the path at Bloor Street.

via Pan Am Path Newsletter: Executive Committee Unanimously Approves Pan Am Path.