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HOW-TO: How to Shop by Bike


Photo by Lily Holman; Momentum Magazine

Great article from Momentum Magazine on the basics for shopping by bike.  Adding this to the page of How-To Resources.

When it comes to shopping by bicycle, you’ll have greater success with the right accessories.

My partner and I picked up the habit of shopping by bike shortly after we first started riding together. On the way home from a ride, we’d stop in at a butcher shop or pick up some take-out for dinner. At first, we’d hang bags from our handlebars, but we knew this was putting our purchases at risk as they swayed and bounced off our front wheels. We soon had the urge to carry more with us – without having to take transit or resort to borrowing a car. 

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  • Mishie

    I find clear plastic bags best for produce because I use my saddle bags for everything, not just food. Plus you can pop the bag of food right into the fridge when you get home. These bags are easily washed.

  • B. Ross Ashley

    Great article,but I agree with the commenter who added pannier baskets. They bulk less than pannier bags, fold up out of te way when not in use, will hold a great deal, and make it easier to balance the load. I usually carry a couple of cloth grocery bags with me when shopping.