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Does Harbord Need a Bi-Directional Separated Bikelane?


Harbord St. might be getting a shake-up as the city drafts plans for a bi-directional cycling track, coming in 2014. At a consultation at Kensington Gardens last week, planners heard out opinionated cyclists and unveiled plans to construct a route leading around the Queens Park Circle and continuing west to Ossington. Some expressed concerns over whether or not the strip actually needs this bi-directional lane, or if money might be better spent on new tracks and painting new lanes in other areas that have been getting less attention, with a less efficient lane currently implemented.

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  • HotDang

    I’d prefer to see more connections in the existing network, but I’m not opposed to adding a bi-directional lane on Harbord.

    I would be opposed if it was to be unidirectional lanes like on Sherbourne north of Gerard; those suck huge butts.