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Bi-directional bike lane coming to Harbord in 2014

Fabulous article from Dandyhorse on the planning of the Harbord Separated bikelane:

In 2011, City Council voted to begin designing and consulting with the public on a separated bike lane on Harbord-Hoskin, as part of a downtown network of separated bike lanes, which will also include Wellesley, the Bloor Viaduct, Sherbourne and Beverley (south of College).

On Thursday, June 27, the City hosted a drop-in public consultation session at Kensington Gardens, and unveiled plans for a separated, bi-directional bike lane on Harbord and Hoskin, which will include a bi-directional bike path around the periphery of Queens Park Circle and continue west to Ossington (about 2.5 kilometres).

Full story: City plans to install bi-directional bike lane on Harbord in 2014 | dandyhorse magazine.

  • WarOnMugs

    When I think of streets that need a separated bike lane for convenience or safety Harbord does not come to mind. The lanes there now are great, and it’s already a relatively quiet, traffic-calmed street. That said, if this is a test case for a bigger and CONNECTED network of bike lanes downtown I’m all for it.

  • When I take Harbord during rush hour it is a bicycle highway; I get passed by cyclists far younger and faster than I am constantly. I worry about what will happen if it gets constrained like this and cyclists have to wait to pass me.

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