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Urban Bicycling Is For Lazy People


This is fantastic. Do yourself a favour and read how urban cyclists are lazy over at the Urban Country.

Here in Canada, as in the United States, people tend to generally view bicycles primarily for recreation or sport. Thus, when someone asks me how I arrived somewhere and I tell them I rode my bicycle, they naturally assume that I am athletic, brave, unusual, always late, and I probably need to take a shower.

In reality however, I arrive on time, I’m not sweaty, and I rode my bike not for a workout, but rather au contraire, I rode my bicycle because I am lazy.

read full article: The Urban Country

  • Patrick

    I understand someone is trying to re-brand cycling… but I gotta say they aren’t doing a very good job.

  • WarOnMugs

    I am almost always a sweaty mess when I ride anywhere. Certainly in the Toronto summer. If people aren’t sweating I’d say they are going very slowly, or have a built in A/C unit on their rides.

  • Staylucky

    Ride my bike almost everyday from April to November. I don’t break much of a sweat, when I do it’s not more than a 5-10 minute cool down doesn’t take care of. The daily riding has made me quite fit and because of that, I don’t sweat as much during rides. You don’t have to ride like a pro, I take my time often travelling around 20 km/h which is all well and good for getting around the city and I’m almost always ahead of traffic

  • Well said, stay lucky. :)

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