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Summer 2013 Issue of Dandyhorse Magazine now available!

Toronto’s homegrown cycling magazine, Dandyhorse, has released their summer 2013 issue.  Get yours!

The summer 2013 issue of dandyhorse is all about safety! We’ve got fresh research out of the University of Toronto’s Cycling Think and Do Tank that maps out bikeability in our city. The maps are complimented by a city-wide series of bike spotting to give voices and faces to the research.

Inside, we’ve got profiles of Chief City Planner Jennifer Keesmaat, Premium Rush stunt double Austin Horse and Idle No More activist Pam Palmater.

We have stories and illustrations by acclaimed artists, writers and activists, Dushan MilicCTONSteve WilsonYvonne BambrickMolly CrealockSarah B. HoodTodd AalgaardAlbert Koehl and Tomislav Svoboda and many more.

Read full details about the new issue: dandyhorse has arrived! Issue #10 available now!! | dandyhorse magazine.