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Developers capitalize on the rise of cycling’s popularity

Here is an EXCELLENT article (with a slideshow!)  out of Seattle about developers catching on to the overall trend of less people driving and more people biking.  Employers are realizing cycling to work makes for happier and more productive employees, and everyone is realizing that it’s much cheaper to cater to bikes than cars.

Even here in Toronto we’re seeing condo developers embrace car-free lifestyles.  The RCMI Condo is towering high on University Ave, and it has absolutely NO parking spaces… and a 69-story tower has been proposed for the north west corner of Queen and Yonge… again with NO car parking and a bicycle parking space for EACH of the 580 units it will one day have.

Rob Ford and the dinosaurs who are fighting “the war on the car” do not realize that even in Toronto, they are losing.

If there really is a War on Cars, more and more employers and commercial developers are siding with the bicyclists.

That’s clear when you look over building plans and hear developers talk about their projects.

Developer Harbor Urban is building an entire apartment building for bicyclists. Located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, the project is called Velo, which means bicycle in French. The 171-unit project’s doors, lobby floors and elevator walls are designed to be bike-friendly, and the apartments will have bike-storage “niches.”

Even Kemper Development, which touts the 10,000 free vehicle parking spaces at its Bellevue Collection, is building a bike commuter “lounge” in the 4-million-square-foot retail, office, residential and hotel complex.

“We’re not just putting a rack over in the corner and bolting it to the floor and calling it good,” said Kemper President Jim Melby, whose bike lounge will brim with $300,000 worth of racks, lockers, shower rooms and a vending machine that dispenses energy bars and spare tire tubes.

Read full story: Commercial Real Estate: Developers capitalize on the rise of cycling’s popularity – Puget Sound Business Journal.

  • B. Ross Ashley

    The 56-story condo proposed across Cowbell Lane from my apartment would have something over 500 bike spaces.

  • Cool. I lived up in that neighbourhood for years and never knew that alleyway had a name. :)

  • B. Ross Ashley

    It’d be cooler if they weren’t going to disturb our peace and quiet for the next few years and cut off what remains of our view of Forest Hill. At the community meeting I congratulated them on the proposed bike parking but let them know I still oppose the project in the first place.

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