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Bicyclist charged in Mississauga senior’s death

So… yes.. this is good. Failing to remain at the scene of an accident is awful and I’m glad this person was charged. BUT.. this happens SO MANY times to cyclists.  Cars clip them and then just drive away, leaving the cyclists hurt and bleeding in the street.  Even when license plate numbers are recorded and cops track down the drivers… we still don’t ever hear of drivers being charged.

Shui-Fen Chan, 71, was found lying on the sidewalk near Burnhamthorpe Road West and Central Parkway West on June 12.She later died in hospital. Police said she had sustained trauma to her head.A white baseball cap with the letter “B” on it and a bicycle were located a short distance away from where she was found.Michael Kowal, 52, was arrested and charged with failure to stop at the scene of an accident causing death.

via Bicyclist charged in Mississauga senior’s death | CityNews.

  • Mississauga Cyclist

    Is this really the appropriate situation to bitch about police not making every effort to go after drivers invloved in accidents with cyclists?

    It does us no good as a community to deflect focus from a cyclist who killed this lady and took off unto drivers who take off after accidents. Both groups are a%^%&$. If this guy is guilty, we need to throw him under the metaphorical bus.

  • globalguy

    Seriously? I’m a year-round, life-long biker from Chicago. Am I the only one put off by using this tragedy to defend bikers against drivers? Smacks a bit of what the NRA gets up to down here.

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