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Roncesvalles ‘bump outs’ get mixed reviews

Unfortunately, the CBC is giving a negative slant to this article.  It sounds like some transit users and pedestrians don’t get that cyclists can use the bump out, and that some cyclists don’t understand they have to stop and wait while people are boarding the streetcar.

There are similar things on Sherbourne now, which I use twice a day… the separated lanes north of Gerrard “bump up” and become part of the waiting area for Sherbourne buses.  Most transit users have figured out that there are bikelanes, and most cyclists know to stop when a bus is loading or unloading.

When the city redesigned and rebuilt Roncesvalles Avenue in the city’s west end, it tried an experiment with new bike lanes. And while the city and the TTC say they’re happy with the design, cyclists, pedestrians and TTC users are not.

read full story: CBC News

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