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June 9: Urban Cycling Essentials Workshop

If you’re fairly new to cycling, or just getting back on your bike, this is a great workshop for you. Actually, even more experienced riders are likely to learn something new! I’ll be packing a bunch of need-to-know information into this afternoon session, so come prepared to gain some important city cycling knowledge. 

We’ll discuss the following: basic rules/etiquette of the road, rights and responsibilities of cyclists, how to properly lock your bike, traffic violations that apply to cyclists, what to do in case of a collision and how to avoid them, clothing / riding in all weather, using your gears, how to carry stuff, and other ways to make your ride more enjoyable. Bring your most niggling bikey questions – someone else will probably be wondering the same thing.

Session host: Yvonne Bambrick

full event listing: Bike Month 2013.

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