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Giant new condo has LOTS of bike parking and NO car parking

An application has been submitted to the City for a building totalling 69-storeys, featuring a glass and steel skyscraper rising behind a reconstruced 1890s heritage structure at the corner. Currently housing an Atmosphere sports store, the Jamieson building’s facade, now half hidden by aluminum panels from a partial restoration in the 1980s, would be fully restored, and would continue to be used for retail.

The tower above is proposed to contain 580 rental suites and a bicycle parking space for each. No car parking is proposed: the tower is located immediately adjacent to the Queen subway station in the heart of the city, and can claim a walk score of 100. The redevelopment presents opportunities to improve the building’s connection to the Toronto Eaton Centre and to provide better street access to the subway station below.

via Urban Toronto.

  • Matthew

    I love that they don’t have car-parks, but if they are rental suites surely the don’t expect too many people looking for a rental suite to have their bikes. Maybe there should be a shared use bike system in the loby instead?

  • Why would that matter? I doubt being a renter has any kind of negative impact on bike ownership, and probably actually has a higher rate. Most people who rent aren’t moving from place to place every 6 months.

  • Next month is the scheduled completion of the car-free 42 story condo tower at the old RCMI site. Looks like car-free is a trend.

  • CalRobert

    That’s an odd supposition – why would renters not have bikes?

  • Guy with bike

    I wonder what kind of bike parking. I hope this trend continues, I’d love to move.

    My building has “bike parking” but it consists of a bike rack outside, with no security, and a bike rack in a room where it’s difficult to get bikes in and out, and there’s only room for about ten bikes anyway. No room for longtails, cargo bikes, trikes, or trailers. We store two bikes and a chariot trailer in what should be our dining room.

  • Guy with bike

    Condo means “owned” doesn’t it? There’s bike share right there – Queen & Yonge definitely has Bixi. Bike share doesn’t work for a lot of people, I don’t use it because I have kids and we need a trailer and child seats on our bike. Bike share is great as a transit link, or alternative, but it doesn’t replace a daily use families vehicle bike or a utility bike.

    We rent. We are two adults, three kids, two bedroom apartment, and we have three bikes, two child seats, a double Chariot trailer, and a single Wike trailer, and a utility cargo trailer (also from Wike).

  • Fact Checker

    “The tower above is proposed to contain 580 rental suites.”

  • cyclemycity

    Ah, to me rental suite suggests short term, but maybe not…

  • Jean Marie

    Hey Awesome bike parking facilities you are providing. I hope this will work…