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Cycle Toronto Calls for Improvements to Sherbourne Street Cycle Tracks

Cycle Toronto Calls for Improvements to Sherbourne Street Cycle Tracks | Cycle Toronto

In late 2012, the City of Toronto announced the completion of its first separated bike lanes (cycle tracks) on Sherbourne Street. By physically separating cyclists from motor vehicle traffic, cycle tracks are a key way to increase safety, de-stress cycling, boost ridership and reduce conflicts between road users in Toronto.

Cycle Toronto conducted an on-line survey of its members in January 2013 about the new Sherbourne Cycle Tracks. In response, 189 cyclists provided feedback on their experience of the Sherbourne cycle tracks. Generally, the majority of survey respondents felt safer with the cycle tracks and thought cycle tracks are visually distinct from the car lanes, which discourages cars. However, cyclists also recognized that design of the cycle track itself does not stop cars from entering the cycle tracks in all areas.

Unfortunately, motorists continue to illegally block the new cycle track. Due to insufficient separation, the Sherbourne Street cycle tracks allow motor vehicles to park in the lanes. Reports of cars parked in the cycle tracks have become common place.

Cycle Toronto now calls on the City to make a series of improvements…

read full story:  Cycle Toronto.


Photo from NOW Toronto

  • The other problem with that bike track is that it’s car-width, but still makes it difficult for one cyclist to pass another. So a car can fit in there, but the space isn’t really being fully used. They could have just widened the sidewalk instead.

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