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Cyclists, e-bikers spar over bike lanes

Stakeholder meeting seeks input on how bylaws should classify electric bicycles. Cyclists, e-bikers agree to disagree.

Read the full post: “Cyclists, e-bikers spar over bike lanes” on the Toronto Star.

  • On Sunday afternoon I was offended by an e-biker using their motor on the sidewalk. The driver had the gall to sound his horn at me. E-bikes are not allowed on sidewalks even without using the motor. We need enforcement of the existing laws.

  • Gilbert VandenHeuvel

    We need to promote all sorts of transportation that has a small environmental footprint. My ideal city would have so many bicycles and ebikes that whole lanes are devoted to them. Lets embrace ebikes but make more and wider non-car space. Keep looking at Dutch cities for inspiration.

  • how small is their environmental footprint if they’re charging up with electricity? lots of electricity in ontario comes from coal.

    meanwhile, ebikers are more likely to disregard all rules of the road. i think everyone – and i will include pedestrians here as well – should take some kind of mandatory road safety course. or maybe just basic manners.