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Cyclist petitions Rob Ford to bike for a day

One Toronto cyclist is trying to get Rob Ford to bike a mile in her shoes.

“Mayor Rob Ford has lots of opinions about cycling in Toronto but has he ever ridden our streets?” asks Candice Anderson.

The cyclist and blogger has started an online petition encouraging the mayor to give pedal power a try during Bike Month in June.

Read the full post: “Cyclist petitions Rob Ford to bike for a day” on Metro News.

  • Joe LaFortune

    Good luck with that. After Rob’s ill-chosen words back in 2007, I invited him to ride with me around city hall for just thirty minutes to prove that it is neither dangerous nor cyclists who create the dangers that do arise. He declined, saying it was just too dangerous. Once he has an impression in his cement head, it is impossible to change it.

  • Michael Tward

    Brilliant and hilarious way to emphasize Rob Ford’s hopeless under-qualification as agent of the interests of ALL citizens of Toronto, and complete lack of interest in doing a good job.

    If he does it, maybe I’m wrong about him. Fingers crossed!