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How should the city separate its new bike lanes?

Toronto’s first fully separated bike lane arrived on Sherbourne Street this fall, for the first time giving bikers the opportunity to move north and south through the eastern portion of downtown without mixing with traffic. But despite a rolled curb segregating autos and bikes, there have been numerous instances of cars using the narrow lane for on-street parking.

The curb was designed to allow emergency responders, TTC Wheel-Trans, garbage trucks, and snow removal vehicles to pass over the top while acting as a barrier to everyday traffic. Unfortunately, by making it easier for those that need to reach the curb, the city has also made it easy for drivers to illegally block bike traffic.

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  • We need more enforcement to get the point across to motorists that bikelanes anywhere must not be blocked. Generally, more enforcement of existing laws will do a lot of good for traffic safety, let alone introducing new ones.

  • Ben

    How about the both lanes on one side thing they do elsewhere? That seems to be the best option. Then you can put up a big-assed barrier that no delivery truck in the world could traverse.