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TTC Previews Our New Streetcars, Now with Bike Storage!

The TTC is unveiling new streetcars, which even include space to store bikes! Intermodal transit for the win!

Though we’ve already been introduced to many of the streetcars’ new features, some are worth highlighting again. The most noticeable is just how much bigger the new vehicles are: about twice as long as the ones we’re used to. There are fewer seats and more standing room, and a facing-seat configuration means we might all be chatting more on our morning commutes.

Key is the new Presto fare payment system, which will include open payment options—by credit and debit cards, and by mobile devices, as well as the Presto fare cards. Crucially, this will allow for all-door loading and hopefully cut down on the amount of time vehicles need to spend at each stop. Also crucial: the new low-floor design, which will make it much easier for people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids to board and exit.

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