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Rob Ford applauds Jarvis bike lane removal

Ford said Monday that pulling the bike lanes out was what people want.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one who voted to put them in, in the first place,” Ford said.

During the 2010 election campaign, Ford said he heard from residents who use that road.

“They want to get home to their families quicker and that’s what I’ve done, I’ve listened to the taxpayers and done what they wanted me to do,” he said.

Read the full post: “Rob Ford applauds Jarvis bike lane removal” at the Toronto Sun.

  • Rico

    Way to be a leader, asshole. According to statistics, Toronto wants you out. Do what they want.

  • JL

    I’d like to get home to my family too, Rob. I’m also taxpayer but it seems you’re not listening.

  • Rick

    a few minutes quicker to the burbs is obviously WAAAY more important than getting home alive on a bike.

    sad sad state of affairs

  • Scott

    Why would anyone want to ride in that bike lane anyway? It isn’t wide enough or placed far enough away from the curb.