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Removal of Jarvis bike lanes to start Tomorrow

A travesty:

The bike lanes on Jarvis were installed in July 2010 at a cost of $86,000.

City council voted on July 13, 2011 to get rid of the lanes but was met with huge protests. The lanes were a subject of heated debate at council, with protesters holding “ride-ins” along the busy corridor.

According to a city report released in June 2011, the number of daily cyclists on Jarvis rose from 290 to 890, while the number of motorists has remained constant at 13,000.


Read the full post: “Removal of Jarvis bike lanes to start Monday” on CityNews.

  • Ryan

    Or be an optimist and say hello to much wider bike lanes ;)

  • BUE

    The simple solution is to take the whole lane on Jarvis now. What else can you do? The drives will hate that, but hey, you don’t have anywhere to go!