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Puente de Luz: Toronto’s Bridge of Light expected to reopen within the month

BikingToronto linked to articles about the closure of this brand new pedestrian and cycling bridge Saturday (The Grid), Sunday (BlogTO) and yesterday (CBC), and now the Star has some info on when the Puente de Luz / Bridge of Light may be open again.

(also – is it just me or does a bridge named the “Bridge of Light” need to be lighted awesomely? I have not seen any photos of this bridge at night yet to know if it is)

A pedestrian bridge connecting Toronto’s lakeshore condominiums to the downtown core that was shut down shortly after it opened last month is expected to reopen within the month.

The Bridge of Light was closed by city inspectors who found “a number of deficiencies,” including sharp edges on handrails and stainless steel ties that connect wire mesh to the sides of the bridge.

The bright yellow, 125-metre-long bridge stretches above the downtown railway corridor, and a three-metre-high wire mesh barrier prevents pedestrians from throwing items into the tracks.

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