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Parking meters appear on Jarvis – to honour city councillors?

We need the fifth lane of parking traffic to keep Toronto moving. To keep Toronto’s economy going and Toronto’s moms with their kids for longer times, rather than stuck in parking traffic. The desperate need for this fifth lane of parking traffic has made us internationally famous. Toronto is on the map, and it’s moving again.

Perhaps the parking meters will somehow help the fifth lane move even faster. We don’t know, we’re not traffic engineers, we just don’t want moms blocked by parking traffic.

Read the full post: “Parking meters appear on Jarvis — an opportunity to honour courageous city councillors” on Spacing Toronto .

  • John

    In case you wanted a traffic engineer to weigh in, cars making parking maneuvers decrease the flow of traffic and decrease the safety of the roadway. Sometimes they’re good for local businesses though.

  • Rico

    John, what local business on Jarvis would you be talking about? Hooker hotels?