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Jarvis Bike Lane Removal Proceeding, Despite Technical Difficulties and an Arrest

Protesters succeeded in delaying the removal of the Jarvis Street bike lanes by blocking stripe-removal vehicles with their bodies yesterday, but the latest word from the City is that the project is proceeding—though it hasn’t been without glitches.

NOW Magazine reports that Tomislav Svoboda, a physician and cycling advocate, was arrested this morning near Jarvis and Shuter Streets. He was sitting in the bike lane to prevent it from being removed, and refused to step onto the sidewalk when police asked him to.

Read the full post: “Jarvis Bike Lane Removal Proceeding, Despite Technical Difficulties and an Arrest” on Torontoist .

  • As frequent visitors, we love to park the car and spend our time commuting in TO by bike. Not that we in Florida have anything resembling functional leadership, but you guys really need to dump this Ford guy and join the 21st century.

  • SFer

    @Robert I wish the 21st century in North America looked like the 21st century…but who are we kidding? This clown running TO right now is just aping his backward-thinking Republican buddies in so many cities in the USA.

    Not that the situation in San Francisco is much better. But one thing we’re not doing is removing crappy park-in-me-and-cut-me-off unprotected bike lanes. No, we’re just putting in more of them, rather than addressing the real issue, which is that cyclists need real, separated lanes.

    Fight on, Torontonians. I wish I could send you a truckload of soft-hit posts and green paint.

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